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HYTERA Kõrgkallutav Kopp HTB20-230SC

Product is new
Warranty yes
Quantity (pieces) 1
Price EUR 4050 / piece
VAT 0%

Suits vehicles

Type: construction machinery, agricultural machinery

Technical specs

Designation / description
Designation HYTERA kõrgkallutav kopp HTB20-230SC
Description Kergmaterjali kõrgkallutav kopp

Other information

Hytera high tip buckets are manufactured either middle- or side cylinder model for loading and handling light materials. The middle cylinder version is suitable for dry, grainy and loose materials. Side cylinder version is exellent to handle wet adhesive materials. Typical applications are: handling of light materials: woodchips, snow, peat, coal, light gravel etc. or heavy duty like: compost, waste, mixed waste etc.

Location: Tartumaa, Estonia