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Adding an ad
If you already are a registered user please log in to by using your username and password and choose one of the following methods for advertising:
  1. click the link on the top menu bar Place your ad and select from listed categories the correct advertisement type for your ad.
  2. click the link Advertise on located on the right side of the front page and select from listed categories the correct advertisement type for your ad.

You can also start placing an ad if you don't have an account yet. In that case you need to fill out user registration form before entering ad data. After entering the ad you are a registered member and hereinafter you can log in to with these attributes.

On the vehicle ad form you need to fill out the fields about the vehicle and about the seller- please check that the data you entered is accurate. To note optional features please mark already listed features. If some features are missing from the list, add them to the textbox in the end of the list. Data is saved after clicking on Save and next button.

You can add photos on the next page. For that you need to have digital photos saved into your computer. To add photos click on Browse button and choose photos for your ad. Regular ads can be added without photos. photographing service is described in the next sub.

After adding photos click on the button Save and proceed.

Next you can choose services for your ad (main services, frontpages, highlighted ads, etc).

When the services are selected, click the button Save.

Now the ad you entered appears on My ads page (link is located on My account page). On that page you can see, modify and delete your ad.

To make an ad active and reflected in search results you need to pay for the ordered services. For that click on Pay now button on my ads page. Ad will be activated after we have recived payment confirmation from the bank.

  • Via an internet bank (with banklink)

    With banklink can pay the users of the following Internet banks: Swedbank, SEB Pank, Luminor, Coop Pank, LHV. It is the most comfortable method of paying because the services you have ordered will be activated automatically after the payment. To pay with banklink click on Pay now button on My ads page, click on compatible bank link and accomplish your payment. Your ad becomes active immediately after confirmation from the bank. If the ad did not become active automatically, then send payment data to our e-mail.

  • With bank transfer

    Act followingly when transferring money in a bank office or separately via Internet bank:

    1. Transfer money to AllePal OÜ bank account EE682200221020961885 (Swedbank). On explanation line please note your reference number. You can find it followingly: click on Pay now link opens up a new page and there at the bottom of the page in text you can see a number in bold, that is your reference number.
    2. Send an e-mail with payment data to [email protected]. Recommendable is to add a copy of the bill that confirms the payment.
  • International requisites


    AllePal OÜ
    Pärnu mnt 141
    Tallinn 11314

    Beneficiary's IBAN:


    Beneficiary's bank:

    Liivalaia 8
    Tallinn 15040

    Beneficiary's bank SWIFT/BIC code:

How to use prepayment?

Press Services: add/modify, select services for your ad and press Save button. Now you have all ordered services listed below your ads that you can activate by using prepayment. If the sum of the order is greater than prepayment on your account the button PAY NOW with the missing part of the sum is displayed and if the sum is sufficient the button ACTIVATE is displayed. On next page you are asked to confirm the payment. Or if the sum is deficient for the activation, you are directed to the Start to pay page.

Bills sends out only electronical bills. After payment occurs the confirmation under the Bills button on the left of My account page. On that same page you are able to see all bills you have received from To print those bills out click on print link and the print bill is revealed.

In case of legal entities there are additional requisites on the bill. You can insert bill requisites directly on the payment page. Estonian Tax and Customs Board accepts electronically sent and printed out bills of services.

New ads of the week

New ads of the week are shown in the order of ads activation time. Until activation time is within 7 days the ad will be shown as new ad of the week.

Frontpage advertising

To highlight your ad you can show it on frontpages.

To advertise on main page you need to have an ad with photos. To put your ad to the main page you need to add an usual ad with photos and later on choose Advertise on front page from My ads.

On disclosed page choose the advertising period and a photo you wish to show on front page. Also you can see the queue for frontpage advertising which means the time that has left for your ad to get there. Ad will be added to the queue only after paying for the ad. Before paying, check that frontpage advertising queue length suits you.

If you wish to prolong your ad on the main page, it will be added to queue, your current order won't be prolonged.

Main page ads are in the order of adding time. New ads start from lower right part and move up when older ads disappear.

Ad operations

Statistics of the ad

Link See statistics is located on My ads page. Click on that link opens up a window from where you can observe how many adviews per day your ad has got.

Hiding ads

You can remove your ad from search results and hide contact information by clicking More link on My ads page and choosing Hide ad. After confirmation your ad will no longer be found in the search results and the seller's contact information will be hidden. Hiding won't change the end time of the ad. To get your ad back to the search results and to reveal contact information, please click on My ads page link Unhide ad.

End an ad

When you have sold your vehicle or just want to end an ad then click on End ad link by correspondent ad on My ads page. After confirmation the ad will be not active, but stays not actively on My ads page as long as you delete it from there. Ended ad does not appear in search results and message "sold" is displayed while viewing this ad. Ended ad can be activated again only by paying again.

Delete an ad

To delete an ad go to My ads page and there by corresponding ad click on delete ad link. When you have confirmed the deleting order your ad is being removed from My ad page. To delete an active ad you have to end it first.

Help and additional information

When you have more questions or problems please apply to:

+372 733 7230 (tööpäeviti kell 08:30–16:45)
[email protected]

Methods of payment

Swedbank. Here you can pay in internetbank.
Luminor. Here you can pay in internetbank.
Coop Pank
MasterCard & VISA